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2 & 3 days old

Clovertrails Posted on 01 Dec, 2016 16:53:05

29-11 & 01-12-2016

Lisa’s puppies are here!

Clovertrails Posted on 01 Dec, 2016 16:48:39


A few days earlier than we expected, Lisa gave birth to 9 puppies in little more than 6 hours with out any trouble. She was quite big at the end of the pregnancy, so it was only a good thing the puppies decided to come out :-)!

Lisa is a very good first-time-mom!

Bloodtracking with Irish

Clovertrails Posted on 01 Dec, 2016 16:31:16


Irish has been going to bloodtrackingcourse, all her puppyclass-mates were also on this course andshe did great and she really likes it. She is a smart dog and pretty easy to read.

Sometimes she likes to leave her track a bit to pick some blueberries but always seems to know where her track is.

In Sweden you have to pass a trackingtest to see if the dog has a good tracking talent, before you can enter the competitions. Today Irish and me were going to take this test.

It was pretty cold and there was a nasty wind blowing, but Irish was more than ready to go! She picked up her track right a way, taking some mini-breaks sometimes, especially when the grounds were a bit rough or there were some obstacles on the track, bur she did very good and found the roedeer-feet at the end without any trouble and that meant we past the test!

Start of the track, the judge is following behind us.

So now we can start competing next year, our goal is ofcourse becoming a bloodtrackingchampion, just like her mother Bliss and granny Doris!

We are very proud of our Irish-girl, only 10 months old!
She combines beauty and brain, the week before she was the glamour-corgi in Norway on a big dogshow and a week later she is the working-corgi in the woods tracking!


Clovertrails Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 17:23:58

Cor had arranged a herdingweekend for the corgiclub. The saturday we got to try herding ourselves, without dogs to learn how sheep react. It is not so easy as you think!

Then we got to try herding sheep with our own dogs, we had Doris and Bliss with us. Lisa was also there. Irish was also there but she is too young so she got to watch and learn!
On sunday we get to try cows and later that day we did some sheep again.

Clovertrails meeting

Clovertrails Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 17:08:02

On 10th of september we had our kennel meeting. It was wonderfull to see so many of the puppies and their owners again!
Thank you all for coming!

Country & Western-litter: Ruben x Doris
(SE UCH All Trade Easy Money x SE UCH SE VCH Carddicted Dry Clean Only)
SE UCH Clovertrails Jolene (MĂ€rta)
CIB SE UCH SE VCH Clovertrails Country Roads (Bliss)
Clovertrails Mr Bojangles (Boris)
Clovertrails Desperado (Morris)

James Herriot-litter: Doris x Topi (Multi-champ. Dunes Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold)Clovertrails Every Living Thing (Signe)
NL JW’14 Clovertrails Let Sleeping vets Lie (Lisa)

Wiskey-litter: Doris x Svip (SE UCH NO CH NW’15 Dragonheart Kasmir Moravia)
Clovertrails Ardbeg (Ardy)
Clovertrails Famous Grouse (Cedric)
Clovertrails Glenfiddich (Lukas)

Diamond Drop-litter: Greg x Bliss
(Sichaz Gregory of Gowerston x C.I.B. SE UCH SE VCH Clovertrails Country Roads)
Clovertrails Diamonds And Pearls (Kodjo)
Clovertrails Bling Bling (Saga)
Clovertrails Diamond In The Rough (Ginger)
Clovertrails A Girls Best Friend (Irish)

Myssen * 22-07-2016

Clovertrails Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 16:28:48

Goodbye my friend….

My sweet beautiful Myssen, thank you for being my friend and Clovers friend. Thank you for all you have learned us, thank you for 7,5 wonderfull years together.

Now you are free from pain.
Run free, gentle giant., my beautiful girl. Run free with Clover.

Until we meet again……

Time flies!

Clovertrails Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 15:23:14

I am sorry that it has been so quiet on my blog for so long.
Live goes by so fast it is hard to keep up sometimes and after Clover died I really tried to keep up but I have been living in foggy cloud.

Just when the fog was beginning to clear up just a little bit, we had to face another loss and on the 22th of July we said goodby to our beloved Myssen.
It has been a though summer, but live goes on, I have to go on, for the other animals aswell. I am very gratefull for all of my animals, they kept me going <3

Despite the though time, we enjoyed summer also; it was time for Irish to hit the showgrounds and she did very well. She is a very active dog with lots of energy and she always makes me laugh, no matter what she is up to or has done or destroyed 🙂

Also Lisa as enterd on a few shows, for hopefully winning her last certificate for finishing her Swedish showchampionship. We came close every time, but not close enough.

Irish on her first show in RansÀter: BOB puppy Irish in Askersund: BOB puppy
Lisa and Irish:

Now Lisa will get a break from the showgrounds, because she will have puppies!
Proud father is GrÄsiskas Kulling, a blue merle with the same happy-go-lucky, easy going mentality as Lisa!

Morokulien: Svip, Irish and Bliss were entered. Also Åsa was there, from our Wiskey-litter (Svip x Doris) Owner Hinni Wellin, Finland

Day 1:
Svip: 2nd place in championclass, 4th Best male
Irish: 2nd place with price of honour in puppyclass
Åsa: excellent in juniorclass
Bliss: first place championclass, 3rd Best bitch

Day 2:
Svip: excellent i championclass
Irish: 3th place i puppyclass with Price of honour
Åsa: 2nd place in Juniorclass with excellent and CK
Bliss: 3rd place i championclass

VÀxsjö dogshow, first time indoors and first time in official class:
First place in juniorclass with excellent.
In Lilleström, Norwegian winnershow:
3th place in a big and strong Juniorclass with excellent and CK.

Bliss has been competing agility!
Irish is Bliss’s biggest fan and supporter 🙂

Lidköping Dogshow

Clovertrails Posted on 24 May, 2016 11:54:56


Another day, another dogshow smiley

After picking up Monica, we were on our way to Lidköping with Lisa and Bliss. I tried to leave Bliss at home, because she has absolutly no coat left, but she refused to leave the car.

After parking she almost jumped out of the car, dancing around the parkingplace, like she was already showing.

We were early so we got a good spot were we could see some nice dogs. We had a nice judge Christen Lang (NO) he gave open critique, so everybody could listen and could understand.

Then it was Lisas turn, she was looking good and doing well in the ring so I had high hopes. The judge liked her very much, but thought she was to tight between the hocks moving away from him. She still got an excellent, but no CK.

Her critique:
UtmÀrkt proptioner. VÀlskuret huvud. UtmÀrkt hals. God rygg. Gott bröst God benstomme. Rastypiskt front. Rör sig vÀl frÄn sidan men Àr aningen trÄng och kohassig bak. UtmÀrkt pÀls och trevligt temprament.

In English:
Excellent proportions. Well shaped head. Excellent neck. Good back. Good chest. Good bone. Typical for the breed front. Moves well from the side, but is slightly tight and cowhocked back. Excellent coat and friendly temperament.

Openclass place 2 with an excellent.

Then Bliss was on! She couldn’t wait , she as staring at me and Lisa the whole time. I could barely take over the leash from Monica before Bliss was on the move, she was really showing off! I just had to follow along, she was doing it all on her self.
The judge said she was a beauty, even naked, and especially for a bitch that was only 3 months after having puppies. He also said she had too much stop between the eyes. I agreed on him about the coat, but it was the first time I heard something about Bliss her stop, and even after he tried to explain what he meant, I still do not see it. Not in Bliss….
She still got a nice critique, not the best we had, but we didn’t expect that either.

Goda proportioner. En aning markerad stop. God hals. Stram rygg. TillrÀckligt bröst. TillrÀckligt benstomme. Rastypisk front. Rör sig vÀl. God pÀls. Trevligt temprament.

In English:
Good proportions. Slightly marked stop. Good neck. Straight back. Enough chest. Enough bone. Rastypisk front. Moves well. Good coat. Nice temperament.

Championclass place 3 with an excellent.

After some shopping, we went home. A good day; nice company from Monica, Bliss had fun and Lisa did well. Unfortunally no CAC for her today, but thats Ok, now we can do some more shows this summer in purchase of tha las CAC needed to complete her Swedish championship!

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